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Would you like to spend a few minutes discussing how your campaign could be better?

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What Makes Us Different?

ProClick Marketing takes an advanced approach to AdWords campaign management. It all starts with optimizing your campaign set up to eliminate wasted spend and a refined focus toward your most lucrative prospects. We’ll ensure that your AdWords traffic provides measurable results, through a combination of advanced AdWords campaign management practices and on-page improvements to your website.

The following diagram illustrates
ProClick’s Advanced AdWords Campaign Management Process.

See How It Works!

As a certified Google Partner, ProClick utilizes an advanced process
to create highly-targeted campaigns that are optimized to
get you qualified prospects that convert into leads and sales.

AdWords To
Drive Traffic
Advanced Process to
Convert Traffic into Sales

Analyze Performance

The first step to get you results is to show you how the setup of your existing campaign is affecting its performance.

Develop Advanced Campaign

Next we work with you to develop a highly-targeted campaign that drives qualified traffic without wasting budget or missing opportunities.

Get Prospects To
Take Action

Now that you have qualified traffic going to your website, that traffic has to land on a highly-engaging, customized landing page that motivate prospects to take action and moves them into your sales process.

Conversion Tracking

By tracking the number of prospects that convert, we can measure the return on your AdWords investment.


When it comes to convincing your prospects to convert, one visit may not be enough. We create powerful remarketing campaigns that bring prospects back to your website as additional opportunities to convert.

AdWords Campaign Management Texas

With a population of more than 26 million people, Texas is an ideal market for pay per click marketing. Google AdWords powerful platform makes it easy to target and reach prospects in specific cities, or find new opportunities across the whole state of Texas.

Pay per click success is directly related to the initial AdWords campaign set up and then how well the AdWords Campaign is specifically managed for the Texas market. The advanced approach that ProClick Marketing uses is ideal for any company looking for AdWords campaign management Texas style – Done right the first time!

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