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Posted May 31st, 2013

Some jobs are better done by hand. Repetitive, ongoing tasks are not generally among these. By using email automation technology, a business can provide immediate response and continuous prospect contact without consuming crucial business hours. An automated email marketing system also frees up sales force personnel to focus on growing and strengthening your organization, rather than repeated manual tasks.

Customers and prospects are able to receive immediate information about your product or service at the time their interest is peaked, regardless of business hours or time of day. An advanced strategy is to: Tailor your email marketing follow-up sequences to speak directly to targeted prospect groups, interested in specific products/services you offer.

Example: If you sell 2 different types of a particular product (ie: Power boats and sail boats), create specific content for each target prospect instead of general sport boating content. This way you’re better aligning your marketing messaging with each specific prospect.

Tip & Resource of the Day:
Automating your email marketing benefits your bottom line by relieving your sales force of time consuming tasks, and it allows you to customize your marketing toward unique target markets.

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