Automated Marketing Tip: Form Formalities

Posted June 10th, 2013

Your lead generation form plays a key role in Automated Marketing, as it is the actual mechanism that captures the vital lead contact information. Don’t treat it as an afterthought by throwing any old form onto the page. Key strategies are needed when designing effective forms. Most importantly, keep the form simple to avoid intimidating the prospect.

Customize your landing page with the same theme as your website or company. Keeping your theme consistent creates a feel that promotes a certain expectation of quality or experience from your company. Feature your form prominently on the page and provide clear direction as to what you expect your prospects to do. Don’t assume your prospect knows what
to do or expect. If you’re offering a free estimate, make sure you say” Complete this form to receive your free estimate”.

Forms can be intimidating for some. Many people aren’t willing to provide too much information at first. For best results, ask for the minimum information that you need to start the automated marketing process (ie: name and email address). Once you start providing value to prospects, they’ll be more willing to offer you more information about themselves (ie: phone number and mailing address)

Tip & Resource of the Day:
Your contact form is an active, essential piece of your automated Marketing program. Use you form wisely so that it doesn’t scare away potential prospects!
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