Google Adwords Marketing – Marketer be Nimble!

Posted May 21st, 2013

One word or phrase can sometimes be the difference between great marketing results or a mediocre response. Promoting products or services online provides us with a huge benefit over traditional print advertising – Statistics & measurable results. Using the metrics available through various online marketing tools (ie: Google AdWords and Google Analytics) we can see exactly how many people respond to our offer and how many actually take a desired action, such as contacting us or buying something.

If our response is low, or we’re simply not getting the numbers we want, we can react and refine our offer quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing mediums (ie: Direct mail or print ads) .

Taking advantage of the statistics provided through online marketing such a s Google AdWords, allows us to tweak and test our marketing. By simply monitoring the response to our offer, adjustments can be made to continually improve the numbers.

Tip & Resource of the Day:
Using online marketing tools, such as Google AdWords, is a cost-efficient way to be versatile and responsive in today’s competitive marketing scene

Resource: For more information about how to effectively utilize Google AdWords in your marketing program, click the following link to download a 60 page Google AdWords handbook for success
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