Google Adwords Marketing – Search or Display Network?

Posted May 13th, 2013

The first thing to understand about Google AdWords advertising is that: Google offers 2 distinct networks to promote your products or services on the web. The most commonly known one is the “Search Network”. This is where prospects search for information in the Google search engine, and if their search terms match the terms that an advertiser wants to be found for, Google shows the advertiser’s ad on the search results page. Google does not charge to show these ads, the advertisers only pay if a searcher actually clicks on the ad, which takes them to the advertiser’s website (this is also known as “Pay Per Click” advertising). Because of this, the Google AdWords Search Network offers an extremely cost effective way to drive interested prospects to an advertiser’s website.

In addition to the Search Network though, Google AdWords also provides another opportunity for advertisers known as the “Display Network”. The Display Network (Also known as the content network) is where Google matches an advertisers ad with a web page featuring articles similar to an advertiser’s offering. With this approach prospects aren’t necessarily searching for results, however, Google searches for articles on web pages across the net & then places ads that relate to those articles on those pages. Since an advertiser’s ad is aligned with a relevant article, there is a high probability that readers might be interested in the advertiser’s offering too. Should the reader click on the ad, as
with Search, then the advertiser pays for the click.

Today’s Tip & Resource
Both networks offer advertisers a fantastic vehicle to drive traffic to their website, however, each network requires a different approach in order to be successful. When setting up your campaigns, you should always approach the Google Adwords Search & Display Networks separately and design each campaign according to what works best for each network.
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