Keeping your business top-of-mind!

Remarketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to reach people who have already visited your site and re-engage them with your brand & product.

When it comes to convincing the people who visit your site to take action and convert, one visit may not be enough – and that’s where remarketing comes in!

Remarketing increases repeat traffic by bringing visitors back with visual ads that remind them about your website. This is really powerful because it keep’s your business top-of-mind.

How Remarketing Works:

Once a prospect has visited your site, AdWords will start to show them your ads on other sites they visit. Suddenly, it is as if your ads seem to be everywhere they look! These people are more likely to click on your ads and return to your website to become new customers.

If The Ad Fits – Google Will Show It.

Google is able a show a variety of different sized ads for remarketing. Which ads Google chooses to show depends on two things – what space is available for the placement of an ad and what ads your remarketing campaign has available to show. So, for example, if there is a small square available on a website that shows ads, and you have a small square ad, Google is able to show it. This is why it is important to consider creating a variety of different sized ads – so you don’t miss out on remarketing opportunities.




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